Small business owners! Are you overwhelmed with the volume of different tips, tricks and magic formulas that you need to buy in order to get your business thriving? Are you not sure where to start with your digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) or even your website? Then Project ROI can help 🙌

Digital marketing that you don’t learn at Hogwarts 🪄

No ‘magic’ formula for success, no gimmicks and no BS! Just business solutions to maximise your return on investment.

We do digital marketing differently.

We do business growth better.

We collaborate with you to maximise your ROI.

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Digital marketing that you don’t learn at Hogwarts | Video Transcript

Hey, my name’s Simon, I’m the owner and Head ROI Specialist at Project ROI. Now, just a quick video today to not sell you some “magic formula” for your paid advertising and social media. Now, if you are watching this and you’re a small business owner, chances are pretty high that your newsfeed currently is flooded with all these promises to get your return, nine and three quarters more profit or return on investment.

Bro, this ain’t Hogwarts. That shit’s so Oldermort. So we’re not gonna be talking about that “magical formula” today.

Project ROI exists to focus on the simple, the basics, the fundamentals that will give you the best return on investment. Yes, we also do provide paid advertising solutions, but only when you have the digital foundation set up first. Without those, we will slam that Dumbledore on you, ’cause you need the foundations before you can build a successful, and long term thriving business, right?

So that’s why project ROI exists. I’ve been in the industry for about 11 years. I started off my career working in a small digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast. From there, I switched into more corporate world in sales and marketing for a multi nine figure company internationally. And what I learned is within the industry, within sales, marketing in the digital and physical realms, there’s so many gimmicks, there’s so many “magical spells”, there’s so much bullshit that’s going on, that makes it seem more complicated than it actually is. So only recently I’ve branched out on my own to start project ROI, which is helping out every day, muggles and wizards like us to get a headstart, get a leg up, to get some confidence in what they’re doing, so you can maximize that return on investment for you.

For you, that ROI could be more money in the bank. Yeah buddy, it could be, you can sleep better at night. You know, it could be been a 100% at work, but also being a 100% at home as a mum, as an dad, as a sister, as a brother, right? So whatever that return on investment looks like for you. That’s what we are here to help you achieve. Project ROI, you are our project and we’re gonna do absolutely everything we can to help you achieve it.

Now, if you are sirius about having a thriving business and having that high return on investment, then we’ll focus on these basic digital foundations. We’ll go through that step by step, with me personally. Without those digital foundations and without someone who actually gives a shit about your business, it’s like handing over the keys to a flying car to a bunch of 12 year old wizards. Yeah, you’ll get some instant wins, you’ll have some thrills, you’ll have a bit of a journey and you get where you need to go, but long term, that’s probably not a good strategy, right?

So we are gonna walk you through every step of the way. I’m not here trying to Ronald Weasel my way into your business and change and make it a cookie-cutter-type template like most other agencies do. I’m gonna collaborate with you. Each business, each owner, each brand has its own personality. And I wanna bring that to life, ’cause that’s gonna give you the best return on investment again, through money, through your time, through fulfillment, through that accomplishment, whatever that is.

So if you wanna master the dark arts, you wanna nail those basic foundations, those day-to-day spell strategies and implementations, and you’re sick of staying up all night, stressing about your business like a werewolf, then cool. Let’s work together. If you are keen to “wingardium leviosa” your business results, then slytherin to my DM’s and let’s talk about it. Chat soon.

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